Affordable Villa Rental in Puerto Vallarta

Affordable Villa Rental in Puerto Vallarta



Not so long ago, a family holiday would have meant going to a familiar resort, somewhere cheap and easily reached and not too far away. These days we have cheap air travel, and affordable cruises, to thank, as we can now afford to travel to exotic, far flung places that offer a chance to enjoy exciting holidays in genuinely glorious locations. Indeed, the only problem facing the holidaymaker of today may be where to go, such is the choice of destinations and the quality of the resorts.

If you are looking for somewhere offering the combination of relaxing on a stunning beach, living in luxurious accommodation and enjoying local culture and cuisine, Puerto Vallarta should be high on your list. This wonderful Mexican city, a typically friendly and welcoming place, lies on the Bay of Banderas, a stunning stretch of Pacific Ocean coastline, and is a very popular and enchanting resort.

The best way to enjoy the area is to book one of the many Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals, a choice of stunning luxury villas in some of the most amazing locations throughout the region, which you will find to be surprisingly affordable, Each occupies a wonderful spot with easy access to the beaches and the city, and you will find your home from home to be very much to your liking.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

You may be asking why we recommend Puerto Vallarta above other such resorts: well, to begin with, Mexico is a famously friendly country, and this city is no exception. Tourists are very welcome here, and the city is full of many fine attractions that will satisfy you. For example, you can take a break at one of many lovely street cafes, there are fine restaurants and bars to enjoy, and the charming colonial architecture makes this a great city to walk around, especially as it is largely pedestrianised.

Take a walk along the famous Malecon, the paved walkway that follows the shore and is overlooked by excellent places to eat – food plays a big part in the culture of the region – and enjoy the relaxed ambience and fascinating sculptures along the way, or head to the Old Town region, where you can relax in the splendour of the city and enjoy it’s quiet yet lively atmosphere. It’s a great city to explore on foot, and one that has much to offer.

Further afield, you can find rivers with stunning waterfalls, forests and the nearby mountain ranges, so if exploring the local flora is your thing, Puerto Vallarta is an ideal destination for you. You can take your time – with your villa you are not restricted as to when you can come and go – and enjoy the region to the full, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The Beach Life

For many people, the point of a summer holiday is to lie on the beach in the sun, enjoying relaxation away from the rigours of daily life. If this is you, then Puerto Vallarta is the perfect destination. There are many beaches along the bay here, each of which has its own attributes. Some are small, secluded beaches with their own charm – Playa Las Caletas, for example, was once the private retreat of film director John Huston, and is now a nature reserve with a living reef close to the shore – while others are more established expanses, many with superb restaurants on site. The choice is yours, but wherever your villa is, it will be a short distance from one of the most glorious beaches you will ever see.

Palm trees line many of the beaches, so you can take shade if the sun gets too hot, while the waters of the bay are notably clear, which makes this the perfect place for snorkelling and diving. Underwater rock formations and reefs are perfect for exploring, and an abundance of sea creatures – exotic and beautiful – abound, so you can see things that you will not find elsewhere.

In season, the bay is home to pods of whales, so make sure you check out the right season to be there if you want to experience what is a truly amazing sight, one that will thrill young and old alike. You can also enjoy sea fishing around the bay, and there are many charter boats you can join for a bit of sport, while surfing is also popular in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a beach life here, but that’s not all.

Enjoying Puerto Vallarta

You may have had a relaxing day, but rest assured Puerto Vallarta comes alive at night. There are many lively and friendly bars, plus nightclubs with live music, and excellent restaurants where you can sample the local dishes. Don’t leave without trying the glorious grilled red snapper served in garlic and spice sauce – a local speciality – or the wonderful raw fish in lime juice, which has to be tried to be believed. You can even try a local dish on the beach, where you will find vendors selling skewered meat in a hot sauce – perfect for eating al fresco.

Back at your villa, you will enjoy luxurious furnishings and, depending on your choice, you can also enjoy two meals provided per day. You can check out the many available villas, all in superb places and all sensibly priced, to find one that suits your needs and fits your budget, so have a look now, and book a holiday in this exotic and exciting resort that you will never forget.