Planning A Spring Camping Trip?  – Reasons Why This Is A Good Thing

Planning A Spring Camping Trip? – Reasons Why This Is A Good Thing

If you are planning a spring camping trip then you are in for a real trip, because although many people might camp during the summer months there are many good reasons for taking this type of holiday during spring.  Everything is new in spring, nature is waking and everything is bright and fresh, including lovely green grass that is perfect for pitching your tent on. 

Along with the new grass, the flowers and trees are all starting to bloom and the birds are flying around singing their beautiful songs.  Though it is not generally warmer than summer, spring recently has proven to be quite warm.  In 2011 for instance, it was the warmest and driest recorded April ever.  If this paragraph has not been enough to convince you that spring camping is best, please continue to read this post for more reasons.

Very Quiet And Peaceful

By choosing to camp during the spring time you avoid all the bustling crowds and even a campsite that is very busy during summer will be less so during this time.  This is great as it means you have more privacy and can enjoy the surrounding landscape with not too much noise.  It also means that there are no queues for the showers.

It Isn’t Too Hot

Although a large percentage of people reckon it can never be too hot in Britain; if you have children, high temperatures during summer can lead to unhappy, overexcited and overheated little ones which is not good.  During the spring time, depending on where in the country you go, you can expect warmer than winter weather, but nothing that would be classed as “too warm”

The Fees Are Cheaper

Out of season times of year such as spring are ideal times to go camping if you want to save a considerable amount of money as it is much cheaper than during the summer.  As well as being cheaper, visiting even the busiest and most popular campsites is a lot easier during spring.

Fewer Insects That Bite

A spring time camping trip avoids the mosquito invasion that occurs during summer which gives you the blissful experience of sleeping in a tent that isn’t overrun by the pesky, biting insects during the night.  It also makes that relaxing BBQ a little more relaxed and calm as you do not have to deal with swatting away unwanted swarms of buzzing critters.

School Holidays

If you have children that still attend school, then spring is the perfect time to go on a camping holiday as they are normally off for half term at that time.

One thing that is important more than anything is making sure that you have the correct amount type and amount of camping equipment, taking into consideration where in the country you are going and how warm or cold it is likely to be.  It is also recommended that you take a few camping chairs so that you have somewhere to keep your bottoms off the wet grass, especially in the morning.

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