Taking a break in Cornwall? Why not hire a camper van?

Taking a break in Cornwall? Why not hire a camper van?

With its mild winters, long hours of summer sun, stunning scenery and rugged coastline, Cornwall offers an ideal choice for anyone wanting to take a weekend break at practically any time of the year.

Some of the major obstacles to making such a last minute decision, however, may be:

  • the often high cost of hotel accommodation;
  • the need to eat out all of the time – Cornwall has some of the country’s finest restaurants, but the food bill certainly mounts up if you are having to do it every day of your holiday;
  • you do not have, do not want to borrow and in any case do not want to put up with the discomfort of living under canvas; or
  • you do not own and are unable to borrow a caravan or motorhome.

Camper van hire in Cornwall might provide just the answer:

  • one of the first things you might notice is that you are quite literally spoilt for choice – hired camper vans come in all shapes and sizes and at rates that might suit any pocket;
  • camper van hire requires absolutely no modification or alteration to your own car – such as the towing bracket, hitch, and lighting gantry you need if you are going to be towing a caravan;
  • instead, it is simply a question of dropping off your own car at the hire centre and picking up the camper van you want to hire;
  • since it is likely to come fully equipped, you do not have the expense or hassle of buying all those items in which the seasoned campervanner has invested – since they are already on board;
  • the careful design and development of the campervan over the years means that they are easy and safe enough to drive, so that you may feel confident at the controls after only a mile or so – and the majority of campervans for hire may be driven on your existing driving licence that you use for your car;
  • once you pick up your hired camper van, the road ahead is completely open – free for you to choose where you go and how quickly or slowly you take to get there;
  • Cornwall’s charming villages, tranquil countryside, rugged coastline and dramatic moors make the place especially suitable for touring by camper van – so much, and so much variety, is packed into such a relatively small space that you are unlikely to spend hour upon endless hour driving from one attraction to the next;
  • a suitable campsite is never likely to be far away, with the website com alone listing 236 sites across the Duchy;
  • but whenever you feel the urge to put the kettle on a take a break from driving, whenever you decide to call it a day and look for a pitch for the night, all your creature comforts remain on board and are just an arm’s length away;
  • unlike towing a caravan, there are no awkward or challenging reverse manoeuvres to be made, to hassles involved in unhitching and making it secure – you simply step from the driving cabin of your camper van into the comfort of your place to stay.

Cornwall seems practically designed for touring by campervan – why not give it a go and hire one for your next break?