Tips for Travelling with Elderly Parents

Tips for Travelling with Elderly Parents

If you are planning a holiday with elderly parents, it doesn’t have to be the disaster that you might be worried it will turn into.  With careful planning and by following the practical and helpful tips below, you will all be able to enjoy some quality time away from the daily grind of normal life.

Elderly People Require Special Amenities And Services

It is important that you consider the likes and dislikes of your elderly parents.  Undoubtedly, they will not enjoy loud resorts that have lots of young people running around in skimpy bathing suits and bikinis.  Remember also that they may require special bedding and furniture for their accommodation to make their holiday as comfortable as possible.  If they have mobility issues, they will need walking frames for the elderly and other medical care and access to healthy and nutritious food.  Careful planning is necessary then to ensure that you do not travel halfway across Europe or the world, only to realise you didn’t plan for the amount of walking involved round the resort or hotel you have chosen.

You Need To Be Pragmatic

It would be impossible to expect an 80+year’s old man or woman to carry a bag that weighs around 20 kg.  This is why you need to plan and research every single detail of your trip, keeping in mind the conditions of your elderly parents.  Rather than planning risky and tiresome hikes, plan to visit concert halls, museums and other art galleries, particularly if you want to surprise them.  If you would rather know exactly what they want to do, just ask them.

Pay Close Attention To Security And Comfort At All Times

It can be stressful for older people if you lose luggage or have to travel from hotel to hotel looking for suitable accommodation.  Therefore, always ensure that you have planned these things in advance and as thoroughly as possible.

You Should Consider Renting A Car

Even with walking aids such as walking frames, it would be unrealistic to expect your elderly parents to walk around everywhere, particularly if they have known mobility issues.  Therefore, it really is essential that you hire a car for your holiday, making sure that is one that you will all be comfortable in and that offers your passengers have sufficient leg room.

Plan, Plan And Plan Some More

When you are travelling with older members of your family, how you manage time becomes very important.  Elderly people tend to need afternoon naps, early bedtimes and will need time to get ready in the morning.  So, if you are planning a trip into an old village or a historic part of the country you are staying in, you need to factor in the time it will take for your fellow travellers to get ready for the trip.  Be considerate and rather than just booking the time that suits you, expecting them to just accept that; book a time that is most suitable for them.  So, if you know it takes them until lunchtime to realistically be ready for a trip, plan for an afternoon trip.

The above is by no means an exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of the type of things you should be looking at when arranging a holiday for you and your parents.

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