Explore Britain’s Beautiful Countryside With These Brilliant Ideas

When people want to escape the monotony of everyday life, they go on holiday somewhere. For many people, the answer is to plan a trip abroad to sunnier climes. Thanks in part to the effects of global warming, our summers here in the UK are hotter than say 30 years ago.

It’s for that reason, and others like cost cutting that many folks prefer to explore what Britain has to offer. Although we live on a small island, there is plenty to see and do in all parts of the UK. If you’d like to check out what Britain’s beautiful countryside has to offer, how should you do it?


Image obtained via Wikimedia Commons

Here are a few tried and tested ways to take in the UK’s spectacular beauty. Who needs to go abroad when you’ve got such amazing scenery like the photo above on offer?

Travel by Train

You might not think it but going by train across the United Kingdom is one of the best ways to take in what’s on offer around you! The advantage of trains is that you can sit back and relax, enjoying the picturesque landscapes that you pass on your travels.

Granted you might not see much if you’re travelling through a city like London. But when you’re out on the Cotswolds, for example, you’ve got plenty to see! Train firms like First Great Western have guides you can download of picturesque train routes.

Of course, you should also spend some time off the train too! I recommend doing an online search for train journeys that pass through areas of interest that you could visit along the way.


Image obtained via Flickr

Travel by Helicopter

Some people don’t realise that one of the best ways to see Britain is by helicopter! The amazing thing about viewing the UK by air is that you gain a better experience of what our little island has to offer. In particular, you get to learn of its natural beauty. Something that you might not see when travelling by land!

Are you planning on travelling towards the north-west of England? If so, I recommend going on some Pennine helicopter rides. They are cheaper than you might think, and are an amazing way to capture Britain by air. You can even take some friends and family members with you for the ride too.

Travel by Narrowboat

If getting several thousand feet in the air isn’t your thing, you might prefer a water-based form of transport instead! Britain has a large canal network that you can enjoy by narrowboat. The great thing about narrowboats is that they can also serve as your accommodation too.

That means there are no hotel bills to pay, and you can travel at your own pace. It’s pretty affordable to hire a narrowboat for a week or two, and you can choose which waterways you would like to go through.

If you’ve never steered a narrowboat before, you’d be surprised by how easy they are to navigate! They only have basic controls. And because they don’t travel fast, you’ve got plenty of time to correct any mistakes! Narrowboats are a great way to enjoy visiting places like York and Birmingham, for instance.


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