Learn a land based skill as your New Year’s resolution

Learn a land based skill as your New Year’s resolution

Have you ever wanted to learn how to drive a tractor? Drive all-terrain vehicles on slopes? Plough a field with a heavy horse in harness? Use a chainsaw to fell your own trees?  Or even fancied to learn about woodland management and conservation? Then you should make your New Year’s resolution to learn a new skill!

Learning a new practical land based skill is not only a great way to develop your knowledge and skills but it also helps you and your small holding (if you have one) to become more self-sufficient.Not to mention the great benefits of spending time outdoors doing a physical activity and living the Good Life.After the course, you will have a LANTRA or NPTC accredited qualificationwhich can be legally used in the workplace.

There are a wide variety of courses available to people of all abilities and experiences throughout the UK. One facility that can provide all your land based training skills is Hush Farms located in the beautiful East Devon countryside.  Hush Farms can also bring courses to a venue near you no matter where you are in the UK and fit the courses around your schedule whether you need time to feed your animals or do the school run. All land based courses at Hush Farms are LANTRA or NPTC accredited so you can meet HSE regulations without breaking the bank and legally use the machinery whether you are a volunteer, employed or self-employed. If you earn money from your small holding it is worth researching whether it is a legal requirement to have the relevant qualifications especially if you use chainsaws at your small holding.

Hush Farms can provide a range of training suited to your requirements whether you want to learn a skill for pleasure or necessity. The courses include: Chainsaw training, All-terrain Vehicle (ATV) aka quad biking and tractor training, pesticide courses, animal welfare in transport certificate for both short and long journeys. Traditional woodland management including coppicing and hedgelaying for those who want to understand the traditional methods used to conserve the land and for people who own woodland. You can also learn to work with heavy horses in the fields.Therefore, if you have wanted to give a new skill a go you should make it your New Year’s resolution to learn or develop your practical skills.

If you prefer to have a more relaxing time on Hush Farms, there are also personal development courses available where you can take time away from your hectic ‘everyday’ life and explore yourself and address any issues you may have with your life in an outside environment.

Article written by Hush Farms -we’re passionate about leaving a legacy, which is why we encourage and enable other farmers and land owners around the UK to adopt similar services to ours and learn the traditional skills to maintain their land.


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