The Best Places to Invest in a Holiday Home in the UK

The Best Places to Invest in a Holiday Home in the UK

For all the jokes about the weather, the UK has long been an attractive tourist destination and over recent years the tourist sector has been boosted by an increase in UK residents choosing to take their holidays at home.

This change does not seem to be driven by cost. Instead it seems to have come about as a result of people weighing up the attractions of holidaying abroad versus the hassle of dealing with air travel, especially with young children, plus you can often take your pets with you. All of this bodes well for the long-term health of the UK holiday home market. Property investors may therefore wish to look very seriously at some of the UK’s most attractive holiday destinations for their next UK property investment.


Although Wales is probably best known for its spectacular countryside, especially its coastline and its mountains, it actually has plenty of other attractions including some historic cities. Bangor, in particular, could be worth a look since it is both a tourist destination and a student town.  While prices vary depending on location, it’s fair to say that overall Wales is a very affordable place to invest.

The Isle of Wight

The appeal of the Isle of Wight is very similar to the appeal of the Channel Islands, but with the advantage of being much easier to reach from the mainland. There are regular train services from London to the main ferry ports and the times of the many ferries are set with the arrival of these trains in mind. The Isle of Wight has long had an extensive tourist industry and over recent years the island has worked, successfully, to capitalize on this in various ways, including running festivals.

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is possibly best known as the area of choice for celebrities who need to be able to commute to London but don’t want to have to live in it.  It’s also a popular holiday destination for Londoners who want some fresh air and tranquility without the hassle of heading a long way away from their home city. The Cotswolds also attracts its fair share of visitors from other parts of the UK and overseas, since it is a world-renowned destination for both walking and cycling as well as being the perfect depiction of the popular image of old English quaintness.

The Peak District

One of the great advantages of investing in a holiday home in the Peak District is that the local area is managed with tourism in mind, but also with an eye to sustainability. This means that on the one hand, the local authorities work to make the area attractive all year round, including in the winter, while on the other they also work to ensure that the tourist industry is sensitive to the needs of farmers and the environment in general so that the area does not wind up a victim of its own success. Another plus for the area is that even though it is famous as a place of unspoiled countryside, it also has very good access by public transport.

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