Your Guide to a London Mini-Break

If you can’t afford a foreign holiday, why not try a holiday in the UK instead? Over a third of us have our holidays at home. Britain is a fantastic place to explore. Just because you live here doesn’t mean that you’ve seen all that your home country has to offer. One of the best places to go on vacation in the UK is the capital, London. There’s always something going on in London. You’ll never have the same holiday twice if you return again and again. We love London – here’s our guide to taking a mini-break in the world’s greatest city.

London has a reputation when it comes to expense. Many people think they’ll end a break in London with no money. That’s not true. Yes, it’s not cheap to live in London, but for a holiday it’s fine. Accommodation can be reasonable if you book with Venere hotels. A saving on the hotel will mean you’re free to blow your money in the city itself! Remember, a holiday at home is also a great way of saving money in other ways. You won’t have to pay for a flight. You’ll need to book less time off work (no jet lag). There won’t be any extra costs for phone calls or roaming.


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There’s always some event or attraction happening in London. It’s a world city. It’s also a 24-hour kind of city, never sleeping. For traditional tourists, the famous attractions are the best. The British Museum is London’s most popular attraction. It’s a huge place. You could spend the whole day there if you wanted. It has exhibits ranging from prehistoric times to the present day. The National History Museum is also worth a visit. Other great museums include the Victoria and Albert Museum and the National Science Museum.


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If you love art, London has many fantastic galleries. The Tate Modern is Britain’s national museum of modern art. It’s got a wide range of contemporary pieces to suit all tastes. The Barbican Art Gallery has lots of pieces by well-regarded artists. The National Gallery specialises in more traditional pieces. Lovers of portraiture can take a trip to the National Portrait Gallery. The Saatchi Gallery houses unusual art by young artists, if that’s what you like. There are also dozens of small galleries dotted around the city.

Lovers of history will feel right at home in London. The Tower of London is much-loved by tourists for its links to the past. Buckingham Palace is also a great site to visit. It’s open for much of the year. The Palace of Westminster is a must for any photo album. It’s home to the House of Commons and Big Ben. You’ll want to end your trip by surveying the whole city. The London Eye offers incredible views of London from up high.

You don’t need to go abroad for a mini-break. We’ve got everything you need right here! You may think you’ve seen London a hundred times before. That’s not even close to being true. Get down to the capital and rediscover it all again. You’ll have a whale of a time.


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